3 Picture Photo Strip

3 Picture Photo Strip

Classic 3 Picture Photo Strip with Custom Footer

This is our bread and butter. Its perfect for weddings, birthday and all events alike. Its quick and keeps the line moving providing an excellent environment for your event. The custom footer is a great way to really put a stamp on your event!

With this option, guests will take three pictures with 5 seconds between each snap. Following their last picture, they will have a printed strip within 30 seconds. That's super fast!! These strips are perfect for our scrapbook upgrade.


Green Screen With Custom Backdrop

This is a great option for tailgates, red carpets, galas, fundraisers and more. We take one fun picture and then print it out with an overlay customized for your event. Perfect way for people to always remember the good time! Choose any backdrop image you'd like and we'll make it come to life!